The Cost of Bad Data

According to Canada Post, over 140 million mailpieces every year do not reach their intended recipients due to inaccurate or incomplete addresses, costing Canadian businesses tens of billions of dollars in wasted resources, lost opportunities and more.

Companies without an address quality program in place not only face increased costs that directly impact their bottom line, but also suffer from inefficiencies and lower levels of customer satisfaction that can affect their entire organization. Typical costs include:

Mailing/Fulfillment Costs – Deliveries may be late or returned, meaning additional handling time, and possible repackaging and more postage costs. Many carriers charge Address Correction Penalties too.Wasted Resources –The website estimates an average cost of $1 per mailpiece on production alone – this includes printing, material and labor costs of a typical mailing.

poor-address-hygiene-costs-moneyLost Opportunities – If customers don’t receive your message, they cannot respond to your offer.

Damaged Reputation – Your brand can be damaged by poorly targeted or irrelevant mail, incorrectly addressed mail, or multiple pieces sent to the same person? Lost or late deliveries can hurt your reputation, as well as put pressure on your support teams.

– Undelivered bills mean payments arrive late or not at all, impacting your cash flow.

Environmental Impact – It is also important to consider the impact of wasted materials and resources spent distributing undeliverable mail.

Investing In Canadian Address Quality

Put frameworks Canada to work for you today and take the necessary steps to ensure your addresses are correct and complete. Frameworks Canada takes you through the steps required to achieve the address quality you need to minimize waste and maximize your sales and marketing ROI:

  • Eliminates costly duplicates in your database
  • Standardizes addresses according to Canada Post standards
  • Validates your addresses against Point of Call data
  • Corrects incomplete or incorrect addresses, adding missing elements

If you appreciate the power of accurate data, you’ll appreciate the power of frameworks Canada.

So take control of your customer database and maximize the value of your customer address data – request your FREE demo today!