Start spring with a fresh take on direct mail

Spring is the time of year to refresh any recurring direct marketing habits and turn to new campaigns for increased consumer interest. The Canadian Post is celebrating spring in style with new flowered stamps, meaning it’s time that marketers take advantage of address verification and bring their direct mail campaigns to the next level.

The Post released two new stamps for its floral stamp collection. The stamps feature a magnolia and are the eighth installment in one of the most beloved Canadian stamp collections, which routinely sells more than 14 million units a year. According to the Post, the magnolia flower represents “nobility, perseverance, dignity and a love of nature.” The stamps are a symbol of the rebirth of spring and the opportunities that the upcoming months hold and are currently available for purchase.

“These stamps are a beautiful reminder that spring is just around the corner,” said Jim Phillips, director of stamp services at the Post. “This collection is enjoyed by many collectors, gardeners and any flower enthusiasts.”

In a similar way to which the Post is ushering in the new season, marketers can usher in a new marketing campaign that will take their brand to prosperous times. The Denver Business Journal says one of the best ways to start over is by taking a look at mailing lists and cleaning them so they contain only accurate information and interested contacts. Address verification software can also help bring attention to any incorrect or out of date contacts a database may contain and allow marketers to start anew.

Once the list is ready to go, create a message that will grab readers’ attentions and prompt them to seek further information. Developing a strong relationship with customers and prospects should be a No. 1 priority, along with rejuvenating current client relationships and trying new marketing strategies to garner leads.