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frameworks Canada Address VerificationHow accurate is your customer address data? Probably less than you think. A Canada Post survey* showed that on average, over 11% of a typical mailing list was undeliverable due to inaccurate or incomplete address data.

Canada Address Verification, Validation and CorrectionYou spend significant time and resources acquiring and servicing your customers, so it is vital that their contact information is accurate. The costs of bad address data can soon add up for your business.

Frameworks Canada provides you with the most powerful, up-to-date SERP Certified address accuracy software on the market today, providing you with industry-leading address verification software that cleans the postal address data in your system to meet the very latest Canada Post standards.

green-checkmark  Validates, corrects and standardizes addresses using Point of Call Data

green-checkmark  Eliminates costly duplicates in your database

green-checkmark  Is fully scalable to the size of your organization

green-checkmark  Provides incredibly fast processing for databases and lists of all sizes

green-checkmark  Lets you enjoy the benefits of greater efficiency, lower costs and increased ROI

If you appreciate the power of accurate data, you’ll appreciate the power of frameworks Canada address accuracy software.



Address Correction User InterfaceAddresses are validated against the national Point of Call postal database using our lightning fast addressing engine.

Incomplete or inaccurate addresses are corrected or flagged for further investigating where required.

Generates the Statements of Accuracy (SOAs) required to access postal discounts.

Advanced duplicate detection technology targets costly excesses in your database, cutting waste and saving money.

Supports comma delimited, fixed width, Access, dBase, FoxPro files and more.

Manage your databases and mailing lists from within the program. No exporting to third-party database or spreadsheet programs and re-importing them – simply edit your data on the fly!

Address Deduplication Software All your data editing tools and modules are intuitively organized and easily accessible, in your own customizable user interface.

Card View lets you add, view and edit individual customer records. Card View is fully customizable, so you can change/add fields and arrange them exactly how you want.

The Filter Tool lets you search for and focus on specific groups of customers that match the parameters that you choose.

Available as a single-update Shot for users with only occasional or seasonal address correction needs. You get access to the latest month’s address data, without the need for an annual subscription.Canadian Address Database Management If you decide to then purchase a subscription within 6 months of your purchase of a Shot, we’ll discount the purchase price of $395 from your subscription.

PLUS! Our optional Command Line module lets you set up frequently run processes once and run them automatically whenever you want, saving you keystrokes and valuable time.

Frameworks Canada offers a whole host of other tools and features designed to help you manage your customer address data and keep it up-to-date and accurate.

For a closer look at our frameworks Canada SERP Recognized Point of Call address verification software, contact us today and we’ll set you up with your very own web demo.

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*2009 Canada Post Survey: “The easiest 5% ROI lift you might ever achieve.”