Canada Post Stamp Contest

In an effort to encourage creative and artistic abilities, Canada Post started a stamp contest to raise funds for children’s charities and school programs. The competition for the 2013 Community Foundation stamp took place all over Canada, with the recently announced finalists coming from Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario. Canadians have until March 29 to vote on the best stamp. As companies look to utilize Canadian stamps and address verification to make sure their direct mail campaigns are successful, they should be on the look out for the young artists’ works.

Nonprofit support at the Canada Post reflects a willingness to better serve its customers and surrounding community. Nonprofit organizations that utilize direct mail are able to better connect with their target audience and garner new interests because of that support, thus improving their outreach.

Charity organizations that are looking to ramp up their direct mail campaigns and grow donor lists should start thinking creatively and also take advantage of the resources available. Address verification software should be a No. 1 priority because it enables organizations to maintain a clean database and allows for continued interaction with the community. Fundraising Success magazine also suggests personalizing each piece of mail for donors, offering different donor options and encouraging a membership in order to get people engaged.