Canada Post helps celebrate the contributions of Regiment de Hull

Canada Post is prepared to help businesses that depend on direct mail celebrate a historic moment in the North American nation’s past. With the combined use of direct mail software and Canada Post’s new commemorative envelope, companies are able to remember and honor the services of the Regiment de Hull, a group of members of the Canadian armed services that was established in 1914 during World War I.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the regiment’s formation. Originally called the 230th Battalion French Canadian Voltiguer, members of this force served in the Forestry Corps on the European front. Its guiding mission has been the defense of the nation of Canada, and it has provided armored reconnaissance during a number of military conflicts during its lengthy history.

“Our regiment has been an integral part of French-Canadian culture and military heritage since August 7, 1914,” explained Lieutenant-Colonel Marcel Duguay, commanding officer of the Regiment de Hull.

The commemorative envelope is one aspect of wider celebrations of the regiment’s actions, as there will be other events held that will bring together past and current members of the armed force. The envelope features the image of the Salaberry Armory, which is located in Quebec and is the regiment’s home.