Canada Post Focuses on Customer Service

Canada Post recently hit a milestone in the postal industry by focusing on serving customers’ needs and adapting to the digital advances of the world. It was announced that the Post delivered 1 million parcels in just one day during the the 2012 holiday season. The delivery volume on last year’s busiest shipping day, December 13 was an 11 percent increase from the previous year’s busiest day and a happy achievement for the Post. Companies that utilize address verification can take advantage of the Post’s improved service to get their direct mail campaign started.

“Our investments in modern equipment, flexible and motorized delivery methods, Community Mail and Parcel Boxes are paying off, and so is the enhanced tracking that gives customers peace of mind …” said Jacques Côté, group president of the physical delivery network at Canada Post.

The Post has reportedly made numerous investments aimed at improving delivery and the overall shopping experience for Canadian citizens. By looking to improve the customer experience, the Post succeeded in building a strong reputation and spurring growth year after year. Quality customer attention is important to the continued success of an organization, as The Houston Chronicle points out. Paying attention to clients’ needs, handling problems and improving the functionality of the overall organization are all key elements of customer service that companies can adapt for better client interaction.